Cameras & Binoculars

Get closer to the action

We stock a range of Cameras from compact to SLR

We stock a range of Cameras from compact to SLR, new to pre-owned & stock changes frequently so it’s best to pop in & see what the best deals are.


We stock a range of binoculars from Opticron,  Kenro, Olympus & many others. Binoculars are best tried because our eyes are all very different, what suits one will not work for another & different requirements mean selecting the right pair is paramount. Large or small, just being able to see that bit further of finding that needle in a hay stack!

Accessories - where to start!

We have lens caps, lens hoods, filters, tripods, bags, cleaning kits, cloths, batteries, cables, films, single use cameras, memory cards and more.

  • We can fix most types of Digital Cameras, Lenses, Binoculars and Spotting Scopes. We are experts with regards to older 35mm & Medium format equipment as well.
  • All our repairs now carry a unique 12 month warranty
  • Each DSLR or Mirror less camera will have a sensor clean included in the repair price!
  • If its just a sensor clean you need we can attend to that as well