Film Processing

Developing and printing services are available for: 35mm, 120, 110 and APS including colour, black & white and slide films. Extra sets are available as well as retro sets (previously developed negatives can be re-scanned and re-printed)

Many of these services are available instore on a same day or one hour service (excluding B&W and Slide).

Additional services include:

  • Negatives scanned to CD
  • High res scanning
  • Developing only (no prints)
  • Contact sheets.

We also stock many types of film from 35mm to 120 colour, black and white and slide which are all available here in our online shop.


Black + White and Slide

We offer a Black & White and Slide (E6) film processing service, this is available for 35mm and 120 film formats. Once developed we can print from both black & white and slide films, alternatively we can provide digital scans or just a development only service, slides can also be mounted or cross processed.