Repairs and Servicing

Has your camera been damaged, or needs a servicecam_repair

Use our repair service to have your camera fixed by professional technicians with a full 12 month guarantee*

  • All types of photographic equipment repaired and serviced.
  • Digital Cameras, 35mm & Medium Format Film Cameras, Lenses, Camcorders, Binoculars, Spotting scopes,  etc.
  • 12 months guarantee on repairs.

We deal with a leading independent service center, just drop your camera into us and we will send it to them via courier for a no obligation quote. We charge £15 to cover the delivery costs, this will be deducted from the cost of the quote should you choose to proceed with the repair.

*12 month guarantee is not applicable to partial repairs.


DSLR Sensor Cleaning

Have your images developed dust spots or tiny marks on them? We clean sensors in-store.

sensor_clean_joinIf you’ve cleaned your lenses and are still seeing dust or dark spots on your images it is quite likely that the sensor needs cleaning.

We clean DSLR sensors in-store, each sensor is assessed individually, and we only carry out cleaning as required as to avoid unnecessary risk to your sensor. Initially we clean the sensor chamber to remove any loose particles of dust, we then perform a dry clean of the sensor itself, this removes any particles of dust settled on the sensor and often proves enough. If there are more stubborn marks on the sensor we will then perform a wet clean with specialist chemicals, these evaporate quickly and leave no smears on the sensor when dry.

The service takes a minimum of two days, on occasions longer may be required we will advise you of this when you leave it.
Note we require a fully charged battery and lens to perform the clean and test the camera once the it has been completed.

The cost for sensor cleaning is £40.00