Video & Cine Reel Conversion

Convert your old videos onto DVD


Get your videos and cine reels put onto DVD

Preserve your special memories and get your recorded moments transferred onto DVD. Over time videos can deteriorate, become brittle and get infected with mould causing you to lose your treasured memories. To ensure your videos are safely stored for the future come in and get them transferred!

Once transferred onto DVD we can then transfer them onto USB’s and External Hard Drives. We transfer VHS, VHSC, Mini DV, Hi8, Digital 8 and Audio Cassette tapes.

Cine Reel Transfers

We can also transfer Cine Reel’s onto DVD. We can transfer 16mm, Super 8 and Standard 8 reels

 SALE Buy 1 get 1 Free on VHS, VHS C & Mini DV tapes for January & February 2023. Pop in or call us to discuss your requirments.

  • VHS, VHSC and Mini DV: £18/hour (each cassette) + DVD
    BUY 1 GET 1 FREE FOR January & February 2023
  • Hi8 and Digital 8: £18/hour (each cassette) + DVD + P&P
  • Audio Cassette to CD: £25/hour (each cassette) + CD + P&P
  • Per 50ft Reel (5 min): £15 + DVD + P&P
  • Per 200ft Reel (20 min): £23 + DVD + P&P
  • Per 400ft Reel (40 min): £40 + DVD + P&P

DVD Costs:

Each DVD is £6.00 and can hold up to two hours of footage